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December 4, 2013
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Music Makers Curriculum | Making music…to their ears!

Auditory and Sensory Music Activities | Ground level instruments provide inclusive opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to contribute to the sounds on the playground!

Did you know? You can combine instruments to create your own custom symphony. Check out our video:

Music Makers Components | Music Makers components can be purchased separately, for use at ground level, or incoporated into your structure design. Ask your Play & Park Structures Consultant how you can combine them to create your own custom orchestra.

You will receive a free standards-based Music Makers Activity Folder with each Music Makers purchase. Each activity teached children about a different aspect of music including tone, rhythm, creative movement, and dance. Enhance learning opportunities on your playgorund with the Music Makers activity cards.

Contact your local consultant for additional configurations.
When installed on ADA Accessible surfacing, Music Makers clusters provide a great opportunity for children of all abilities to be in the middle of play.
Enhance learning on the playground!
Music Makers can be added to any playground. Add freestanding components such as one of our Music clusters to any existing or new space, or incorporate the instruments onto your structure.

Bring music to your playground today!

Deep Kettle Drum

The Deep Kettle Drum produces two deep, resonating sounds. A deep bass sound can be achieved by striking the drum in the middle and an open sound is achieved by striking the drum closer to the edge.

Drum Line

Drums are percussion instruments that can be tapped with fingers, or struck with an open hand. Children can create a steady beat by tapping Drum Line with their hands, drumming with their fingertips, or banging with cupped hands.

Tuba Talk

The Tuba Talk creates a loud powerful sound on the playground. Children can talk, sing or hum into the smaller opening and listen to their voice as it is amplified to make music.


The clear, rich sound of a whistle echoes across the playground. A short push & pull creates a quick sharp sound, while a full extension of the plunger creates a sound that is deeper and richer in tone and resonates longer.

Rain Wheel

The Rain Wheel can be either turned or shaken, creating a sound that imitates rain. Children can also tap the wheel to make a more controlled sound or create percussive rhythms.

Rattle & Ring

This unique combination of bells and scraper creates the perfect variety of sounds. Each bell has its own distinct pitch and the scraper creates a raspy tone when the raised grooves are scraped.

Music Makers Clusters

Music Makers Clusters are also available as a freestanding addition to your playground. Take a look at the options shown or let one of our expert designers create a custom design just for you. The Music Makers Quartet, Marching Band, and Orchestra are great musical additions to your playground that accommodate multiple children, are ADA accessible, and do not require impact attenuating surfacing. Receive a Standards-Based Music Makers Activity Folder free with every purchase. Developed in partnership with PlayCore and Robert Leslie Publishing Company.

Source: www.playandpark.com
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