Audio Music Maker

October 14, 2017
Beats Audio Music Maker

The right noise receives the group going. Connect your microphone, record vocals and correct out-of-tune notes using the new enhanced VocalTune 2 tool.

This tool shows your recordings as simple waveforms. Because of this, it is possible to adjust or creatively move pitches without having any compromise. Naturally, you'll be able to use the classic car track effect and artistically modify your vocals.

Whenever you change the pitch of an object, songs Maker instantly adjusts all fundamental things and sounds. Allowing you produce a connection or chorus even faster โ€“ without constantly needing to totally redevelop the complete arrangement for that part.

Turn brainstorms into complete songs. The pitch presets permit you to switch a tiny variety of sound presets into a whole piece with intro, refrain & connection in a wide range of pitches or harmonies even for even more variety.

Often you'll need your songs really certain format โ€“ for a sizable system, for your smartphone and for giving beats to other manufacturers or rappers! Music Maker allows you to conveniently import any tracks and audio files and export them in the format of your choice (example. MP3 or WAV).

Got a hot passion for songs? Songs Maker burns off your songs for your needs. It is possible to combine a number of tracks into one task and so come up with your own record album.

Modify your recordings, sound and MIDI files with powerful expert tools.

Easily develop your very own tunes, rhythms, chords or complex plans making use of your mouse or keyboard โ€“ you really don't have to have past music-making knowledge. Some ideas created in this way is played utilising the virtual devices in musical Maker. You may want to transform their particular timing and amount a short while later.

You can both consistently display your MIDI information as MIDI songs or include technical information on the velocity in color. That way, not only do you realize which sounds are being played at confirmed minute, but how loud each individual sound is.

Once you've selected among the virtual drum devices in musical Maker, you can make use of the drum editor to correctly identify which note is assigned to which the main drum kit (drum, snare & hi-hat). This makes editing your recorded drums much easier.

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