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July 30, 2015
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One look at artist Theodore Taylor III‘s work plus it becomes obvious exactly what his impacts are. Their portfolio is an explosive array of his deepest interests, from artists and beat makers to video gaming and ninjas. But developing up as a black game nerd in Virginia had a unique collection of challenges. Taylor had to deal with obnoxious view from their colleagues who didn’t believe he had been “black adequate, ” which Taylor poked fun of in a current comic that currently has 20, 000 notes on Tumblr. This, naturally, prompted united states to locate more of his work, and everything we found had not been a disappointment. Taylor’s visual is an assortment of Westernized anime, road art, and rap and ranges from portraits of Brainfeeder performers to rappers like Schoolboy Q to a Studio Ghibli homage. Their illustrations had been in addition featured in the book As soon as the overcome was created, a graphic book in regards to the birth of hiphop music.

Source: theabsolutemag.com
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