Make your own song remix

December 27, 2016
How to make a remix

Export AudioTRAKTOR enables you to create your own special Remix Sets for use in a Remix Deck during performance. This short article describe simple tips to create a genuine TRAKTOR Remix Set with samples and loops utilising the MASCHINE software. This informative article describes two different methods in order to achieve this.

Note: Before you begin, ensure you have set one of the porches in TRAKTOR is a Remix Deck. This is done by either clicking the Deck letter (A, B, C or D) or altering the Deck Flavor inside Decks Layout section of TRAKTOR's tastes.

Method 1: Exporting your sound from MASCHINE and Importing it into TRAKTOR

You'll export your examples individually (for example. kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat etc. all separated), as groups, or because the entire master result of MASCHINE with noises contained in a pattern. If you intend for the sample to be loops, check out the package for Loop Optimize. Please reference the MASCHINE reference handbook area "Export Audio" for detail by detail information on how to export audio in MASCHINE.

Once you've shipped your audio files from MASCHINE, you are prepared bring them into TRAKTOR:

  1. Navigate to the folder in which you have actually conserved your exported MASCHINE sound loops / examples by utilizing among after techniques:
    • Go right to the Explorer section of TRAKTOR's Browser tree in order to find the appropriate folder on the hard drive.
    • Utilize the Finder (OS X) or Explorer (house windows) to obtain the proper folder on your own hard drive.
  2. Pick your loop and sample files.
  3. Drag the chosen files towards the TRAKTOR Track range to import them.
  4. After you have imported your samples into TRAKTOR, they ought to come in Track Collection. To find them quickly, visit Track Collection inside Browser tree and sort the track record by Import Date. Click Import Date twice to bring the newly imported noises into the top of your list.
  5. Tag the sounds you have got just loaded into TRAKTOR as either Looped Samples or One-Shot examples by right-clicking all of them and selecting the matching purpose from the framework selection. You can do this for single noises or an array of several people.

It's simple to begin dragging your new examples from your Collection to the slot machines of a Remix Deck generate a unique Remix Set.

Set Sample TypeProcess 2: Using MASCHINE's Pattern Drag Feature to Drag Directly from MASCHINE into TRAKTOR

Note: MASCHINE's Pattern Drag function may be used to drag loops or one-shots from MASCHINE straight into slots of TRAKTOR's Remix Decks. Kindly relate to the MASCHINE research manual section "Rendering sound from Patterns via Drag and Drop" for detailed information on how this function works.

  1. Make sure the Pattern Drag Mode is scheduled to Audio the system in MASCHINE.
  2. Click and hold your mouse button down in the Pattern Drag area (see screenshot below) to initialize the Pattern Drag for the entire Kit additionally the chosen Pattern.

    Note: If you'd like to split up your sounds (for example. kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat etc.), simply solo each desired noise or mute undesirable sounds before performing the Pattern Drag.

  3. Hold down your mouse switch and hold performing this if the Drag and Drop sound development club reveals Done, ready to drag.
  4. Set each Remix Deck slot as Loop or One-Shot into the Advanced panel regarding the Remix Deck to be able to establish its playback behaviour.

Whenever finished, your examples also can be found in TRAKTOR's All Samples folder under Track Collection in the Browser tree. So that you can permanently label all of them as a One-Shot test or Looped Sample, do the measures 4 and 5 under Process 1: Exporting your audio from MASCHINE and importing it into TRAKTOR overhead.

Saving, Browsing and Exporting your Remix Sets

  • To conserve your Remix ready, click the Deck letter when you look at the upper-right place associated with the Remix Deck and select protect Remix Set.
  • Discover any conserved Remix Sets by clicking on All Remix Sets under Track Collection inside Browser tree.
  • You are able to back-up your Remix Set by right-clicking it in the Browser record and picking Export Remix set-to conserve it to a folder on your pc.
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