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June 12, 2017
How To Make a Song with Magix

Our Lap Harp features exceptional quality of sound, is easy to play, as well as its track sheets slip in strings to generate an easy guide for younger musicians. The hardwood harp includes a pick, extra material string, and another group of 12 track sheets. Handmade in Belarus.

The durable Lap Harp travel case keeps the harp safe and is perfectly lightweight with a part pocket for storage.

Enjoy an array of 24 youth favorites, 12 old-time tunes, and 12 xmas carols aided by the group of tune Sheets.

Include the E-Z Tuner to make tuning a no brainer! This innovative little tool makes tuning a no-brainer! Just connect this innovative small tool on lap harp or other stringed tool and use it to regulate the pitch perfectly. Great for artists in education!

For ages 4 and up.

Tuner: 2"L x 4"W

Lap Harp range specialized Save $2.96 when you purchase our Harp, Carrying Case, and tune Sheets put together. E-Z Tuner not a part of range specialized. Just $69.98

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