Electronic song Maker

January 20, 2017
Electronic Song Maker

Make cool electro, eletronic, home & dance music along with your iOS product which will captivate your audience! The Electronic tune Maker leaves the greatest tune building kits, examples and drum kits when you need it.

Create impressive leads to virtually no time also with no prior knowledge. By simply tapping the test blocks you'll build your own hit songs/beats which will make your buddies dance.

Electronic tune Maker is a great & innovative sample machine and music sequencer. Enjoy fun & hot drumbeats, cool kicks, cymbals, smashing energy snares, expressions, melodies, stabs, chords, powerful synths along with other sound effects. Create your very own hit songs. Jam directly on your iOS device. Connect within earphones and relish the sounds & music.

12 Samplekits (336 Samples) to pick from and an user-friendly high-tech interface makes this app real fun for everybody. Do not miss it.

Utilize the easy-to-use, but effective pattern sequencer to record, edit and save your valuable Sessions.

* 12 Sample-Kits
* Pattern-Sequencer
* Record your Paths

Source: itunes.apple.com
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