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October 31, 2015
You get more control if you

This DJ software may be the complete DJ mixer answer. Effective functions unite in an easy-to-use program making blending your favorite songs simple. Blend your music real time while applying impacts regarding fly.

Your tracks will always remain on beat with automatic beat recognition. Load a track onto a deck and it immediately scans the file for a beat, assigns a beat each minute (BPM) and changes the tempo regarding the 2nd deck for perfect synchronisation.

Obtain it Free. A totally free version of Zulu D J software program is designed for non-commercial use. The no-cost variation cannot expire but stop supporting some extra features after fourteen days. Down load the free variation here.

Drag and drop your music anywhere and preview upcoming tracks before they perform. Zulu DJ Software also supports all most recent audio file platforms so playing your songs is never an issue.

  • Definitely cross-fade between tracks
  • Real time pitch and tempo modification
  • Auto-play mode for hands-free, smooth music blending
  • Aids mp3, wav and all sorts of other well-known audio platforms
  • Automatic beat detection
  • Overcome synchronisation involving the porches
  • Utilize impacts in real time, includes all popular results like distortion and reverb
  • Record DJ mixes and save your self as an audio file
  • Loop parts within a track and synchronize towards the BPM
  • VST plugin support for extra effects
  • Add loops and examples on sample bank
  • Secure live mode stops accidents for flawless shows

Easy-to-use screen

Real-time automated BPM recognition

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