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September 27, 2019

We get chatting to Australian three-piece SAFIA as we premiere Aprés’ weekend-ready remix of the biggest track.

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Australian trio SAFIA tend to be operating high at this time. Their recently released EP, Embracing Me, has been taking place a storm and attracting a whole lot of buzz on line with its achingly cool electro-soul vibes and RnB flavoured, spacey manufacturing. Making use of their places firmly set from the zeitgeist, SAFIA result in the kind of songs that is equally more likely to maybe you have tossing moves on the tiles as it's to soothe you home regarding evening travel. Quite simply, our sort of musical organization.

Final year’s struck “Counting Sheep” won them a spot promoting Lorde on tour and now they’ve got remix recognition from Annie Mac-favourite Aprés, whose take on their particular EP’s title track we're happy to be premiering exclusively here. It’s an uptempo pleasure with an amazing groove to kick-off the lender getaway with. In honour of this prem, we talk to SAFIA about their top remixes, their particular impending UK tour, and why every track needs its story.

The remix offers “Embracing Me” a more up-tempo noise, how are you currently guys experiencing it?

We love how the Aprés remix centers around subtly establishing a groove during the period of the track. It can are quite easy going down the pop music opportunity & consider utilizing the vocal but we love exactly how he's got caused it to be his own creating brand new elements while sparingly with the vocal extremely tastefully.

A bunch of your tracks have already been remixed. What’s been your favourite up to now?

We constantly love reading other artists’ interpretations of our music. We specifically want it when people make it unique instead of just placing a stylised beat on the already present stems. We’ve enjoyed all the remixes we’ve obtained over time in their own means but some associated with remixes we have in route for adopting myself EP including the Aprés one are several of favourite currently.

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