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July 23, 2019
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“The hardest thing in my situation to-do, in terms of writing a rhyme, is determining how it is probably go. When I have within my mind it’s probably go “da da da dadada da da, ” then it’s a lot like completing the blanks. We make the typical words, or I choose a two-word, three-word structure. One of many things I’m known for is I became one of the first rappers to end their bars rhyming multisyllabically.”
- Bun B

Multi-Syllable Rhymes

As soon as an uncommon treat, multis are now found in hip-hop increasingly more regularly as lyricists continuously attempt to outdo one another. Multis aren’t fundamentally more difficult to publish than usual rhymes. They simply just take extra work. You’ll find that the effort is worth it. Spit multis, and get your supplement C.

Exactly what are multis?

Multi is short for “multi-syllable rhyme.” Multis are expressions in which several syllable rhymes. Multis is double, triple, quadruple (etc…) rhymes.

Normal rhyme: pet / hat
Multi rhyme: my pet / hi-hat
Or a lengthier multi: bit my pet / hit the hi-hat

Southern rapper Ludacris really loves featuring multis in the passages. His trademark delivery (in which he decelerates and emphasizes the rhyming terms first and foremost others) works well as he slips in smart multis. Check-out any Ludacris track for high quality multis, or take a look at the lines below, that he spit during a freestyle while performing at Yale University.

My entire life cost savings, I managed to get in programs,
Then destroyed it on my method to Yale, ‘cause we paid it in tolls

What’s the difference between multis and in-rhymes?

Truth be told we kick phat raps, so realize that
Not only one, we roll with my staff, you step-back

Ain’t no importance of wondering who’s the guy,
Remaining searching right always a unique brand
– Big Daddy Kane, “One Day”

Both Together:
This is employment – I have compensated to sling some raps,
Everything you made just last year ended up being less than my income tax

Why Utilize Multis?

Multis tend to be hallmarks of all of the dopest flows, and all the most effective rappers use them. They have been more complex and more impressive than usual rhymes and so demand a lot more respect. Multis add variation towards verse and will allow you to build better rhymes.

How to Write Multis

Multis aren’t that much harder to publish than typical rhymes; they just take more hours. The 1st step is always to take one line that you would like to use. Just take this line for example:

The elite power like army rangers and navy seals,

Now, to generate a multi with “navy seals” the very first thing you want to do is list most of the terms that rhyme with “navy.” The easiest way for this is by using a rhyme dictionary and detailing the outcomes, but keep in mind that this can only provide you with the ‘perfect’ rhymes, not the slant rhymes. Slant rhymes are crucial simply because they allow you to write more creative lines. This is also true when you’re composing multis, because otherwise your lines might emerge contrived and stupid. In Ludacris example above, “tolls” and “shows” tend to be slant rhymes.

One other problem with rhyming dictionaries is the fact that they perform some meet your needs. If you take enough time to truly think about all the rhymes for the word on your own, you’re prone to get those rhymes in your mind for future freestyles. That’s why I don’t suggest rhyme dictionaries unless you’re actually stuck.

Perfect rhymes for navy:

Slant rhymes for navy:
possibly rabies

After that repeat this procedure for the second term, in cases like this, “seals.”

Perfect rhymes with seals:

Slant rhymes for seals:

Now we go through the process of linking up navy-rhymes with seals-rhymes. There are several combinations, therefore attempt to pick some that produce some feeling:

Baby dishes
Wavy eels
Lady squeals
Gravy feels
Weighty whales

Then we pick one and write a range which makes sense using it:

We kick it operatic ‘til that fat woman squeals
your lyrics are stuffing, so today i understand exactly how gravy feels
I’ll telephone call you Gerber ‘cause ya spittin’ up some infant meals

Write a bunch of all of them, and then utilize the one that you prefer well. Or utilize a lot of them consecutively similar to this:

The elite force like military rangers and navy seals,
I kick it operatic ‘til that fat woman squeals
Your lyrics are filling, so now I know just how gravy feels,
I’ll call you Gerber ‘cause ya spittin’ up some infant dishes

That’s the easiest way to publish multis. If you master that easy method, you should instantly notice your lyrical abilities improving. You can find find the continuation for this tutorial in . Spit fire.

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