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October 24, 2014
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It’s December 22, the day upon which We traditionally stress towards vacations. Cards sit unwritten, unaddressed, and unstamped on my work desk. Cookies are unbaked, gifts tend to be unbought, as well as the household is distinctly underdecorated!

But this present year i will be as cool as a cup of eggnog, for i've produce the most perfect holiday playlist to come with my last-minute flurry of task. Don’t tell my peers, but particular men and women may be finding a combination tape inside their stockings (accompanied by a reference listing, of course—we are the APA Style Specialists.)

The Fundamentals
In a previous post, We showed you a few examples for mentioning sheet songs in APA design. The structure for a recorded tune is comparable, nonetheless it resembles a chapter instead of a novel. Title associated with the songwriter goes in the writer position:

Copywriter, A. (Copyright year). Title of track [taped by B. B. Artist].
On Title of record [Medium of recording]. Place: Label. (Date of

So, for instance, where songwriter and performing musician are the same, the reference would appear to be this:

Baron Cohen, E. (2010). My Hanukkah (Maintain the fire live). On
Songs in key of Hanukkah [MP3 file]. Burbank, CA:
WaterTower Music.

Fuchs, G. (2004). Light the menorah. On Eight nights of Hanukkah [CD].
Brick, NJ: Child Kosher.

Lehrer, T. (2000). (I’m investing) Hanukkah in Santa Monica. In The
remains of Tom Lehrer [CD]. New York, NY: Rhino.

Variants on a style
If the song is recorded by someone other than the songwriter, include the information about the recording artist(s) in brackets after the song title.

Lavin, C. (2003). A Christmas/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Chanukah/Ramadan/
Boxing-day tune [taped by C. Lavin & the Mistletones]. On The

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