Music Technology Degrees

September 2, 2018
B.S. in Music Industry and

The music technology system combines a normal approach to the study of music with a concentration when you look at the ideas, strategies and technologies employed for artistic expression in lots of forms. Our pupils study the basic principles of acoustics, tracking and mixed-media production by using both mainstream and emerging technologies.


  • Introduction to Musical Tech
  • Audio Technology for Songs
  • Computer Music & Multimedia Design
  • Music and Media Production
  • Individual Structure Lessons
  • Separate / Specialized Studies

We provide both 50 and 78 time level choices focusing on music recording and production, innovative technologies in composition and multimedia art design, and a ‘designed’ option allowing pupils to produce individualized curricula for specific areas of interest. The most important feature associated with music technology system may be the increased exposure of creative merit over technology. Its our philosophy the synergy between expression and technology requires a good artistic basis.

The music technology curriculum needs an entry audition and used instrumental or singing scientific studies, the demonstration of musical quality through ensemble participation additionally the overall performance of level recitals, and also the creation of a capstone work incorporating numerous resources and practices used in artistic production.

Our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities:

Virginia Tech is without question a leader in technology-based songs research and instruction. Starting in 1982 with Microcomputer Applications in Music and continuing with sound Technology for musical in 1993, our curriculum and services have continued to grow, accommodating the powerful needs of innovative work, training, recording, and manufacturing in the area of songs technology.

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