Beat Maker Software for PC

November 13, 2018

From JCI Software: My Beat Creator is a free programmable beat maker/drum machine. Just around the corner My Overcome Creator Pro. An ad no-cost version of My Beat Creator with a SoundBoard to choose 16 beats to relax and play one after another! Make your beats by just pressing, to show on, some of the tiny blue buttons in each of the 6 channels, 4/4 beats. Adjust the tempo of beat and hit play! It is actually that facile. Although the beat is playing try turning on or down buttons to alter the beat. The red lights near the top of the screen flash, individually, whenever each beat in that column will be be played. To avoid the beat playing only press stop. Now you can replace the sound of every station and you can find 38 different sounds to pick from (you play every one before choosing by pressing and holding the sound through to the 'Play' option appears): *10 Hi hats. *10 Bass drums. *5 Conga drums. *10 Snare drums. *3 Clap sounds. **Please Note: Although the beat is playing scrolling the grid of beat buttons make cause the playback to waver a little of beat. The moment it really is scrolled it's going to get back on beat. Also, if you can find any other applications running when you look at the background then this could additionally affect the playback, e.g. incoming text message. Apologies with this but it's a phone, in the end, therefore due to this it's tied to how fast the telephone works. If you have any issues, ideas, recommendations or responses simply let me know! Enjoy!

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