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October 19, 2015

Unlike our old-fashioned multi-course certificate programs, all credits acquired in a degree road certificate transfer into the certification's correlating level major.

Pupils who successfully complete a diploma course certification with a 2.7 GPA or higher tend to be provisionally acknowledged in to the certificate’s correlating degree major when you look at the on line Bachelor of Professional research program, pending the pupil's completion of a qualification application and application analysis by Berklee Online’s Dean of Continuing Education.

Could I sign up for a qualification Path Certificate although I am not interested in pursuing an online degree?

Yes. All students meet the criteria to sign up in a degree path certificate, whether or otherwise not they want to carry on into a diploma system upon conclusion of certificate.

Who are Degree route Certificates best suited for?

Degree path certificates are best suited to pupils who aren't however ready to go after a powerful on line degree program, but who want to start finishing credits that'll move into Berklee Online’s degree program as time goes by.

Do I need to finish a credit card applicatoin before i could join a diploma Path Certificate?

No, there's absolutely no admissions process to sign up in a degree path certificate. Students who want to enroll in a diploma course certification should simply navigate to the certificate they wish to create and click “Enroll inside Certificate” to get going.

Note: If you are preparing to enter the web Bachelor of Professional Studies level program after doing a qualification course certification, you're going to be necessary to fill out an online degree application.

Am I able to receive national school funding for a Degree route Certificate?

No, federal school funding is not readily available for certificate programs.

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