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July 12, 2017
The Laser in Dance Music

In my experience, Brit clubbers have a somewhat slim collection of issues: am We planning begin coming up in the waiting line (again)? Is security going to examine inside my shoes? Will shivering in cigarette smoking location while a bouncer-slash-Stormtrooper screams at me to smoke faster ever before really beneficial? (It’s perhaps not.) But what UK clubbers rarely give consideration to is how the dance music industry will likely to be suffering from Britain making the European Union.

“It’s already happening!” laughs Pete Monk from Westend DJ, a prominent gear retailer. I’ve called their London headquarters to discover just how much gear rates have increased since June, and Monk’s candour surprises me. “Pioneer’s costs in particular, ” Monk continues, “have had a massive hike. Many Of Them tend to be eye-wateringly various.” He cites the Pioneer XDJ RX, beloved of bedroom DJs everywhere, up from £1149 to £1315.

The reason prices went up therefore sharply is due to what’s occurred to exchange rates since June’s vote. Deciding to keep the EU caused the pound to slump faster than a foam hand at an EDM festival:, the exchange rate for pounds to Euros was 1:1, 1:1.35 annually previously. And experts have informed we can get even more volatility as government negotiations to go out of the EU carry on.

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