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February 16, 2017
Start producing techno music!

Musician and musician Graham Dunning is taking turntablism to brand-new levels as he does techno music compositions that are generated completely mechanically! Once the great demonstration video produced by Michael Forrest illustrates, different noises are literally layered in addition to each other, letting them obviously fall-in sync using the constant movement of a single turntable.

Dunning starts with a vinyl record created from different files that have been cut-up and blended together. He makes this changed record to loop at a consistent tempo by holding the stylus in place with an item of bond tied to a weight. He then adds systems and additional records which were custom made to trigger acoustic tools, like tambourines and cowbells, using live microphones to capture the noise. Finally, piezo detectors, that are installed to percussive synth samples, crash to the screws sticking up through another spinning record layer. All of this is finally fed through different mixers and electronic impacts, which Dunning changes throughout his overall performance, resulting in a sound this is certainly tempting and familiar, however difficult to spot.

Dunning’s work is fascinating not merely as a kinetic thing of beauty and a musical overall performance, but – for anyone who's got made use of pc software like Pro Tools or Audacity – as a mechanical illustration of how are you affected in electronic sound handling programs. Much like the sound waves these programs show piled together with one another inside their interfaces, Dunning’s work displays all the split tracks in the compositions he works as different layers inside the set-up.

It’s undoubtedly a feat of engineering which will make techno songs mechanically. In place of making use of electronic samples and sequencers, like Ableton Live, to make the performance of electric songs as easy as possible, Dunning’s set-up is nearly like a musical Rube Goldberg machine, which works an intricate and entertaining series. As Dunning describes inside the statement about the task, the fancy nature regarding the process is not only an exhibition of his engineering prowess, it’s an inherent part of their creative procedure.

Lee Scratch Perry described Dub as “the ghost in myself coming-out” – utilizing Mechanical Techno set-ups I aim to release the Ghost within the Machine. Each setup is unique. The strategy is inherently awkward and fine, leading to frequent and multiple blunders and accidents. The possibility elements and unstable aspects induce compositions I would personally never want to intentionally make.

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