How to create Techno music?

October 3, 2019

As Quentin, unsure what you precisely suggest by that.

When it is a concern concerning the resources one can used to produce techno, there is no "trendy" method, given that genre is all about secret strategies and jewel noises and machines to produce the essential imaginative tracks: the only "trend" that'll stay is the use of Roland 909 and 808, and their emulated alternatives, because they're at the heart of techno music.

However if it's a question about what is the musical trend that is currently working most useful commercially speaking in techno songs at this time, after that in my situation it really is plainly the Recondite and Ten Walls style techno, in addition to label Life And Death, stuff like that.

That will be very similar to the noise pressed by Dixon and Ame from Innervisions, correspondingly 1st and third of RA maps, no matter if they brand it much more underneath the "deep residence" category.

It is a dark noise, but not too dark or trippy, just melancholic, with an easy task to understand tunes and clean manufacturing. Very balanced between energy, violence and emotions. Some would call it melodic techno.

Why do we say it's fashionable ? Because every 18yrs woman from Paris understands Recondite, Ten Walls, Dixon and Ame nowadays... So when they throw a Party, they book the fr****** Chateau de Vincennes:

More seriously, this design is a great introduction to your techno world, given that it has actually this simple to grasp melodic experience to overcome the alleged "repetition" noobies always reproach techno.

Some Samples will express better my thought, enjoy

Recondite - Caldera (Hotflush tracks) (The melody kicks in at 5)

Frankey & Sandrino - Acamar (Innervisions)
Ame - Tatischeff (Innervisions)
Notice Against - Avalon (life-and-death)
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