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May 21, 2017

I’m a big fan of predominantly audio experiences in genuine rooms. Keeping related to the real environment while enhancing it with audio can be powerful. Seriously preferable to being sidetracked by a mobile display screen!

You can observe this in a few of my current tasks:

Just take & Make is a current project (on the part of West Midland Museum Development) and operating until December 2016 working together with 4 museums throughout the western Midlands. The galleries are involved are Hereford, Leamington Spa, Nuneaton and Whitchurch. Thankfully in my situation these museums have reached the far-flung reaches associated with the western Midlands therefore I’m dealing with explore our stunning county a few more

Make & just take Workshop at Birmingham Open Media

Each museum included gets some gear and instruction to get them begun:

  • a little cuddly doll
  • an accumulation of NFC tags
  • NFC capable mobile phones

This mixture of hardware allows a museum to create unique magical audio trip guide. If you’d always try this by yourself you can find products right here that help one to build your very own:

The project started with a workshop hosted at Birmingham Open Media where we talked about many different audio experiences. I introduced for discussion some of my favourite existing sound experiences many innovative work from BBC Radio:

(I’ll free you my evaluation & deconstruction of the!)

Throughout the day we also covered technology in detail – creating a simple prototype and talking about ways in which it might be extended (e.g. making use of Bluetooth to generally share the sound, or ‘flipping’ the equipment – therefore having the market carry the NFC tags alternatively). Furthermore – each museum gets two half-day visits from myself (those fortunate people!) where we cope with dilemmas specific to their individual project. Between the mentoring visits the task teams goes on their particular work by establishing scripts, producing vocals tracks, editing the audio and making easy graphical displays.

The tasks are extremely diverse with some developed for grownups, other people for families although some are far more linear and some more game-like.

Progress is exceptional up to now and in the morning really satisfied with exactly how confident the museums tend to be using the technology. I’m almost to begin with my second round of mentoring visits after which we’ll be having a wrap-up occasion in December where we share our results. The experiences is going live for general public visitors when you look at the new-year.

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