How to remix tracks?

December 31, 2017
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TOP TRACKS TO REMIX | VOLUME 3It’s time again for the Top 3 Tracks to remix on SKIO Music. Get to know the artists behind the magic, reach out and get access to remix their tracks! Most of all, enjoy these awesome songs and let us know what you think!

Lauren Day - Broken Queen

The super talented and sultry singer from Australia, Lauren Day is offering up her vocals stems for the SKIO Music community to remix! Request to remix her vocal stems today and show us what you can do!

Sato Goldschlag – Mr.Mister

Shades of Melancholy is a moody trip-hop track featuring a pristine vocal performance by singer/songwriter Dioni. Looking forward to what the SKIO community will do with this track!

Roody Angello – Verão Amor ft. Kelly Pink & DJ Fernando

Fusing international latin flavor with big room vibes, Roody Angello comes out strong with Verão Amor! Featuring amazing vocals by Kelly Pink & and additional production from DJ Fernando this track is ready to be remixed!

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