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July 10, 2017
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The apprenticeships/externships offered by the Recording Connection put you in a unique position to focus on the facets of the music business that interest the most. If you wish to be a recording engineer, just what do you realy assume is the best way to figure out how to capture music?

The clear answer may not be because obvious as you believe.

Yes, of course you have the curriculum we’ve supplied, therefore shows you some things you need to know—things like microphone positioning, signal movement, and the different types of gear. Nevertheless, you’ll never ever learn to capture music from a textbook or manual. It simply doesn’t work by doing this.

How do you find out? You understand by watching, while learn by-doing.

As an apprentice/extern, you’re taking your courses inside a real recording studio—but that’s only the main knowledge. The real learning arises from participating with your coach in real recording sessions, assisting with setup, assisting when you look at the control space, and eventually operating some recording sessions yourself, as your coach chooses you’re prepared. The mentor-apprentice strategy gives you the initial chance to find out the recording process hands-on.

Exactly why is this so essential? Easy: nobody has ever discovered to record music by reading a textbook. If you want to find out this ability, you have to learn it by doing it.

So when you are an apprentice, you’re in a prime position to understand the recording process. Here are some tips to make the most of this chance as you work the right path through tracking Connection curriculum:

  • Spend as much time in the studio possible. Most of our teachers encourage this, and also encourage it. Make yourself accessible to help out on studio in any way that’s needed, even when you’re perhaps not formally “in class.” The greater time you may spend truth be told there, the greater you’ll have the hang of just how things work.
  • During recording sessions, view your mentor like a hawk. Pay attention to things such as where microphones are positioned, exactly how your coach adjusts amounts on the board, exactly how he/she works together with customers, etc.
  • Inquire whenever you don’t realize. Our teachers aren’t troubled by this—they would like you understand what’s happening. Most likely, you’re truth be told there to learn the ropes.
  • Become involved. As you get used to exactly how things work through the recording process, your guide will begin trusting you increasingly more with particular tasks. If you notice a thing that should be done, begin taking the effort. Remember, the greater hands-on you're, the more you’ll learn the ins and outs of just how to capture songs.

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