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March 4, 2017
Un documentaire de Pascal

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FAYA Braz literally holds music in the mouth while he tends to make catchy percussion sounds, artfully mimicking the foot-tapping beat of the drums, and at the same time creating a rhythm making use of simply the power of his singing chords. Around courtesy the Alliance Francaise for a concert on September 14, Braz is a French beatbox legend going to the city the very first time. Probably one of the most respected activists for the beatbox culture, he claims that when considering songs, ‘he may be the instrument’.

“In beatbox, we don’t play our music, we state it, also it flows directly from head into the ear, 100 % person sound, ” says the beatboxer that has been residing their enthusiasm for 20 years today. Drawn to the art of beatboxing since childhood, Braz stocks just how he'd remove percussive sounds to his favourite Michael Jackson monitors. He had the ability, but it is practice that made him perfect. “I also religiously proceed with the celebrated drummer, Bernard Purdie, that has a lot more than 4, 000 records to their title, ” says Braz, which too has an album to his credit.

Known as ‘1’, the record had been removed in 2011 along with his staff Under Kontrol and is one of the first French beatboxing records. It was never easy, he acknowledges, to survive inside line.

“We were initial generation of beatboxers that has to battle at each step, for funding, gigs… at first, we might be the fillers for other big designers considering that the managers assumed that people would get bored with listening to beatboxing for over a quarter-hour, ” he claims. But their persistence and skill paid off, and also as the need grew, so performed the overall performance time, fame and money. These days, while there aren't any schools for beatboxing in addition to few ladies in it's still less, he passes on their knowledge through workshops.
“We are the guys whom broke the doorways in France and Euro.”

From starting beatboxing around 1996, fulfilling mythic French beatboxer Micspawn in 1999 and joining the legendary ART-HIFIS crew in 2001, creating Under Kontrol beatboxing staff along with Mister Lips, Micflow and Tiko in 2007, becoming French and World champions last year, to touring society, and building a group with Purdie and Soweto Kinch called ‘The Purdies’ in 2015, Braz has come quite a distance. It’s a journey that features seen him generate brand-new looks to your world of beatbxoing through a mode centered on tightness, turntablism and deejaying.

Constantly in search of brand-new noises to relax and play with, he really loves the mathematical accuracy associated with tabla by way of example and even indulged in a few road beatboxing in Delhi recently. Braz has actually carved a niche for himself in Loop section, makes it possible for the beatboxer to create music loops immediately to have complete tracks.

“I’ll be doing some of that within Chandigarh, ” claims the 2014 champ regarding the Grand Beatbox Battle – Loopstation group.

Impressed together with back ground, Braz additionally helped the France tv (France O) to build ‘Beatbox Maker’, the initial interactive Beatbox Application on smartphones.

As he appears toward the Paris Hip Hop Festival in June-July next year, he shares just how people are constantly attracted to just what the mouth, the lung area, the personal voice can do.

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