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November 7, 2018
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The internet and collaborative sheet songs editor that lets you create music ratings and electric guitar tabs with your buddies.

Create and edit your songs rating documents together with your Chrome web browser in realtime along with your friends or peers. Flat brings here features among many others: ✓ Your music notation editor on line inside internet browser ✓ real time collaboration and offline version if you drop your net connection ✓ Compose along with your MIDI products: connect your device and play! ✓ MusicXML, MIDI, PDF and Audio (MP3 and WAV) compatibility ✓ Read and write music notation and guitar tablatures, together ✓ Smart History: Browse all of the alterations you made, note after note ✓ Collaborate with video clip within Google Hangouts ✓ Percussion tools and notation to generate amazing drum scores ✓ Online electronic and aesthetic metronome absolutely help exercise easily ✓ Simple option to include chords with an useful completion Discover our brand-new v8 version: https://blog.flat.io/flat-v8-is-now-live/ With love ♥ The Flat.io Team ► Some step-by-step functions: "inside Flat, the web music rating editor": ✓ on line within browser Flat is an online internet music score editor, everything you need to make use of our solution is a current browser. You can make use of desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet and even your cellular phone to browse and edit your sheet musics and guitar tabs. ✓ Collaborative music results Create and change your sheet songs along with your friends and peers at precisely the same time. You want to make an adaptation of the preferred songs with your songs band or edit a document with all your school class? Simply share your rating and open it as well. You work remotely and require a video clip chat? You can open up your songs documents in a Google Hangout. ✓ Compose along with your MIDI products Play on your operator, we transcribe in reside the notes and their period. Simply plug your MIDI device to get going, nothing to put in. ✓ MusicXML, MIDI, PDF and sound suitable Flat supports MusicXML, a file standard employed by almost 200 songs notation softwares. You currently penned some songs results in another songs notation pc software? Only import all of them in our service in few clicks. We rely on cloud reversibility: it is possible to export all documents produced and edited on Flat into MusicXML files, and available them an additional software easily. For overall performance time, you can export your scores in PDF format suited to print. Eventually, you can pay attention to your songs whenever you want aided by the MP3 & WAV export. ✓ piece songs Smart background Note after note, every adjustment you make is save in Flat. Utilize our Smart background to browse all of them and restore your projects at a specific change. This feature is great to uncover the creation process of a music rating, or discover the work your collaborators made when you had been off. ✓ Use Flat within Bing Hangouts, the very best of the actual time version of Flat additionally the Google Hangouts video clip calls at precisely the same time switch any edited music score on Flat to a Hangout with real time movie telephone call simply by pressing within the Bing Hangouts symbol within the editor. Your current sheet music will directly be opened in a new video Google Hangouts, you just need to invite new friends or colleague to join it.

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