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January 30, 2018
Midi sequencing

Functions perfectly on Microsoft windows 8.1 64 little bit, very few alternatives do!
Needs no set up.
Works direct from USB sticks!
Even runs off a floppy disk!
Bi-directional area control.
Tiny display screen property but powerful settings.
Brilliant recording capabilities. Convert MIDI to WAV and record extraordinary if you prefer!
Additional functions than very first looks but simple to utilize.
Smooth with equipment instruments.
Supports Technics NX Sound.
Additionally supports GM, GM2, GS & XG
The editors post on this program completely misses the purpose associated with the player. Some thing clearly moved significantly incorrect if it don't work in addition they should have expected the designer.
As you are able to tell, Im a massive fan of this program! Get it, you will be happy!


You have to read the Readme file, not all operations tend to be instantly apparent.
I'd prefer a separate line of controls per MIDI station nevertheless player is tiny so this is a consideration.
I would would rather understand MIDI filename without having the course (and hover when it comes to road name).
It might be great to start to see the MIDI file size or modified day into the playlist panel but I guess most users wont need this.


I've been making use of this Midiplayer for quite a few months today additionally the programmer revisions it on a regular basis.

I realized it when I updated my computer to Windows 8.1 64 bit. Midi assistance in 8.1 s is totally dire. This computes for the package and it is easy to set up, providing you with superb controls.

I just desired a small player to audition midis but We shortly unearthed that Midiplayer works brilliantly with my equipment keyboards and controllers. Actually, I experienced totally underestimated just what it is with the capacity of performing with both my equipment and software instruments.

Once the programmer heard that I happened to be using Technics boards and they have their very own sysex, comparable to GS etc, he really built in support for Technics keyboards. It has to be initial and only Midiplayer thereupon function!

Bi-directional assistance was one thing we overlooked because I had only set this program around deliver MIDI. My setup features a large number of tool sounds, method beyond the General Midi sound set, it is today a killer application for me, it saves me personally from searching for the spot numbers in books! Invaluable for KN7000, various other NX able designs as well as the pre-NX and pre-GM keyboards.

I don't use midi lyrics myself but lyrics support has recently been improved, it now looks great and that can expand to full screen instantly.

It really is a permanent system on my USB sticks and can run direct from them and merely for fun before posting this review I operate it from a floppy disk, playing a midi file from the same floppy disk!

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This system is quite lightweight therefore can be utilized on any PC.
Very function rich in order to fine tune your midi files during playback easily.
It is possible to freely find the desired midi output slot this is certainly very useful on Windows 8 because not enough midi mapper functionality.
With the capacity of recording midis to wave data along with realtime midi feedback.

Outdated graphical user interface.
Not the greatest karaoke/lyrics screen
Beginners could be lost within the details.

I have attempted this software with my Roland keyboard and some of my personal favorite stone midis. I've recorded the jamming to a wave file and everything worked well.
I believe this midi program is not for everyone but also for heightened people who want to play and try out midi.

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