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May 3, 2017
A lot of legendary productions

We have it, i really like it, I prefer it atlanta divorce attorneys track We make. If you can afford just one module this is the one. If you're a pro with a rack of synths but no present Roland synths, this is the one, it provides you the whole JV 2080 sound-set and the program board and one slot to include a board that you choose. This synth is a good method to set up with MIDI. It provides you a lot of noises to produce songs in a wide variety of types. It's GM suitable, to help you play MIDIfiles from the internet, or make use of it in order to make your own personal. It really works with Logic, Cubase, Sonar and just about every other sequencer that supports midi bank choose.

What I like about that synth:

The sound with this small field rocks !. It is a genuine Roland, with the exact same high quality sounds utilized each day in the market.

The JV1010 is ideal for remote procedure by a pc sequencer. When you install it, you never must touch the settings once more. All plot switching is performed from your computer screen.

The program board (hardwired in) has outstanding, and I also imply that, a good acoustic piano that can stand alone or perhaps in a mixture. Its classic guitar is the most practical i have heard in almost any synth and incredibly expressive. The Techno appears when you look at the JV1010 have controllers routed to filters and resonance. Yes you certainly can do a perfectly articulated brush by slowly raising Controllers. It is possible to draw the brush into your sequencer to really make it come out the way you want. The filter/ resonance has Teeth! It'll bite, growl, rip at your mix (and be careful to not ever allow it to rip up your ears). There is an exotic flute that may truly drive you to the far east. Huge Orch hits. Outstanding electric guitar distortion. Great 808/909 kit. Clean drums also, for stone, nation, and all the conventionals. It's a thick choir versus tinny vox's you find elsewhere and its own orchestral sounds can be useable.

Add the Orch I expansion board (perhaps not included) while can really get really serious. In addition love the classic shields and synth noises associated with the Roland D50 and Juno 106, and Super Jupiter. Roland emulated their own classic equipment very nicely! Probably the thing I like many is how well everything blends together into a unique synth character. The audio quality is excellent. the variety of programs is vast many are certainly inspirational. The factory presets are just the start. You can make use of Sounddiver, that will be supplied, to edit and create yours spots. There is certainly tremendous tweaking power right here.

The things I don't like about it synth

The manual is truly never as helpful because should-be. Often newbies read it also near to get confused.

You also just get one stereo set of outputs. If you'd like more you should look at the JV 1080 2080, 3080 5050. The restriction the following is if you should be wanting to mix the parts on a mixer to eq various components and add additional results for some devices rather than other people. Impossible. You can easily, however, mix the sounds making use of the amount controls within sequencer, and you may assign various interior results to individual instruments in mix.

Another concern is you can just access drums on station 10. This means you will be restricted to 1 ready per 16 channel multi setup. There isn't any method to separate the kick and snare on different stations. Just one no-cost growth slot. Often I wish the signal had been a wee bit hotter. Its perfectly useable, but if it had another 3 db of gain (a tiny quantity) I would be ecstatic. Ok, Ok just what do you really anticipate for less than 500 dollars. You may have to touch the trims on the board to complement louder segments. I actually do.

Bang for Buck

You'll wager your hard earned cash with this one. I think it really is well worth every penny. Over 1000 patches of great variety, add a board and you are clearly up to 1, 280 Patches! That's 10 MIDI banking institutions!

Formal Information

The small JV-1010 supplies the expert noises of recommended JV-2080 at a really inexpensive cost. Additionally includes all of the noises from the "Session" growth board - including Roland's hottest stereo grand piano - and an expansion slot to give people access to the incomparable SR-JV80 Series sound collection.


  • 64-voice polyphony
  • 1, 023 spots from JV-2080 noise component plus the "program" development board
  • 1 development slot for extra SR-JV80 show wave development board (see below)
  • Reverb, chorus, plus 40 multi-EFX
  • Intuitive interface with knob-based control
  • 1/2 rack design
  • Term Preview for hearing a selected sound in a musical expression
  • SoundFinder Categories
  • GM suitable
  • Includes CD-ROM with noise editing pc software.
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