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May 17, 2017

Smidy free! is a MIDI sequencer and DAW in a position to host VST 3 plugIns and external MIDI equipment side-by-side. External MIDI hardware and MIDI files are supported provided they apply to the GM, GS, XG or GM2 MIDI standards. Smidy comes along with an inventory editor and piano roll for modifying the MIDI based series and a wave editor for modifying revolution data which may be built-into the MIDI series for sound playback. Also Smidy no-cost! includes a VST 3 instrument plug-in (Smidy free! PlugIn) with 16 MIDI networks and 16 sound busses. Smidy no-cost! employs the conception of classic linear MIDI sequencer modifying.

Smidy free! is the small brother of Smidy complete version.

Options that come with Smidy complimentary!:

• (Like Smidy complete version) complete project file load and conserve functionality!
• Piano roll
• record editor
• Import MIDI files
• VST 3 plugIn hosting*
• VST 3 instrument plug-in Smidy free! PlugIn V2 with 16 MIDI channels, 16 sound output busses, 6 multisample units Multisamples: Piano, Clean E-Guitar, Drums, Muted E-Guitar, E-Bass, Accordion
• Audio recording and revolution file integration into MIDI sequence
• Mass MIDI occasion changing features
• Supported GS MIDI standard for GS MIDI files/GS products*
• Supported XG MIDI standard for XG MIDI files/XG devices*
• Supported GM2 MIDI standard for GM2 MIDI files/GM2 devices*
• Supported INTEGRA-7 device*
• Wave editor
• MIDI monitor
• Virtual MIDI keyboard.

* (optimum quantity of multiple opened devices: 2)

When compared with Smidy complete version, Smidy no-cost! doesn't have MIDI file export, no VST 3 Downmix, no Contrabass sample and that can just host 2 track production devices on top of that.

But take note Smidy no-cost! is not only a demonstration variation. It offers complete task file load and conserve possibilities. Including the "Sylt" demo project is wholly completed with Smidy free! It just makes use of one VST 3 PlugIn (the Smidy free! PlugIn) and one "WaveOn product" (a wrapper unit able to stream wave data). Additionally the guitar sound recording of "Sylt" demo was finished with Smidy free.

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