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December 15, 2016
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worldwide journals with diverse separate labels like Flat stomach, Hungry Koala Records, or Subwoofer Recordings, and lots of songs within forefront of minimal and techno charts at Beatport: Southern France's Cyril Picard is making larger and bigger waves with his minimalist sound.

Cyril, where can you consider carefully your musical origins to-be?

My very first attempts at making songs were whenever I started initially to discover electric guitar on chronilogical age of 16. After that at 18 i came across my passion for techno. I discovered to mix on old plastic records, and I also played my very first units at free raves. I only started producing techno myself in 2012 with all the MAGIX Music Maker MX pc software. A friend launched me to the program, since he worked in the audio-visual area at TV SUD in Nîmes, a local television broadcaster.

How can you describe your songs?

I would personally say that my music is easy and minimalist without frills. It really is considering bass grooves, percussion and an even more or less dark environment.

Simply how much features Music Maker aided one to produce your own tracks?

I became attracted to Music Maker because of its user friendliness and no-frills interface. The application makes it possible for me to attain the essence of this music.

In the beginning, I used the software like a game by connecting the various loops that are included utilizing "musical Maker MX". Creating songs is exciting to me. With this time on, I started making the music that I liked the most effective: Techno. After that, we took to exploring the various choices this program offered me personally and began to have fun with them. Later, we built different noises into my tracks that originated from VSTs (example. Revolta2, Beatbox, Synplant, Sylenth2, etc.). I also mixed in noises from examples that We created using my iPad with the help of the USB audio program and MAGIX Music Editor. In addition used impact modules like Ecox and Variverb.

Just what ideas would you give to an individual who's enthusiastic about making techno?

To start with I'd suggest giving your tracks construction. You can add in transitions and brand new elements (e.g. percussion, shields, drones, FX etc). Cannot overload the tracks, so that they flow. Additionally, avoid way too many compressors. It's also useful to build simply speaking breaks which are not too short with identifiable elements facing and following the break. The most important things are patience and routine. If you work on a regular basis on jobs, might make faster development.

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