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September 9, 2019
15 Free Music Production
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Part 1

Getting the Software and Equipment
  1. Get recording pc software that is suitable for AutoTune. AutoTune is a program designed to pitch-correct taped vocal tracks. If you'd like to use AutoTune, you have got to have a computer with sufficient rate and area to perform a basic recording package and install AutoTune software. Some plans are expensive, but include simply the same choices for the newbie, so get the one that's within spending plan if you are only starting. Great, user-friendly recording pc software includes:
  2. Install Antares. Get car Tune from its formal web site. Install the program.Image titled Use car Tune Step 2 You can also browse for lots more quick packages, like AutoTune EFX 3, which actually leaves down some of the more complicated attributes of the application, but is an excellent choice if you are simply looking to get a T-Pain influence on a song.
    • Antares isn't inexpensive, but it is the software the good qualities use. If you wish to check it out with a totally free test, you can apply it to a few tracks and see if you should be thinking about making the acquisition.
    • In the event that you purchase Antares, take the guide for lots more certain information and help with deploying it with your residence tracks. It really is complex and professional pc software, really flexible for residence recording. Do your homework.
  3. If you're probably record songs, you may need a good-quality USB mic and any other MIDI hardware you'll want to capture the songs you wish to straight back your AutoTuned vocals.
    • Instead, if you'd like to alter the configurations on pre-recorded songs, all you have to is a remote vocal track to transfer into Audacity, or whatever pc software you're making use of, and include your impact.
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