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September 10, 2017
For Beats Solo 2.0 Studio

cheapest recording studioFor tracking newbies, it’s effortlessly many generally asked question regarding their particular first studio:

What’s the most affordable one I'm able to build?

Strangely, it would appear that NO-ONE online features however answered it.

Therefore in this specific article, that is precisely what I’ll do, by wanting to really develop the planet’s Cheapest tracking Studio for myself.

Here’s the things I came up with:

The sum total Price of the Studio

After scouring online, so that they can get the very best discounts on the market, I constructed a straightforward working studio with a total car or truck of just over 400 dollars.

Here’s what I purchased:

The Gear I Chose and Why

For this ENTIRE studio, I put together a complete of 4 products:

  • Computer System
  • Digital Sound Workstation
  • Microphone
  • Headphones

acerchromebookThese are the ones we picked, and why:

1. The Pc

Typical recording guidance says that since DAW software program is resource intensive, you want to choose the fastest computer system you really can afford.

Normally, I’d decide a Macbook Pro…

But Apple is costly, and I wanted one thing inexpensive.

I chose it, very nearly totally because of it is relationship with Google. Hate in it all you want, but Google doesn’t make bad stuff. So if there’s any computer inside budget that can deliver on its promises, its this.

audacitywindowsAs as it happens, Chromebooks may also be produced by Samsung, HP, and Toshiba. We find the Acer design since it had been the cheapest and also appeared to get the best total reviews.

2. The Digital Sound Workstation

For a DAW, usually I’d choose Avid Pro Tools…

But the issue is, Pro Tools alongside popular DAW’s are expensive…and way too much for the world’s cheapest recording studio.

My first thought would be to choose Audacity, (pictured to the right), because it's easily typically the most popular no-cost DAW software in the world. But because it works out, Audacity operates on Windows and Mac, however the Chrome OS.

ATR2100-USBSo after a bit more analysis, i discovered that the Chome OS only aids internet based recording choices, which can be essentially a DAW in your web browser. The two best free choices I found had been UJam and Audiotool.

3. The Microphone

For this studio, I understood straight away that a USB mic ended up being truly the only wise alternative.

Through the elimination of the necessity for either a mic preamp or an audio software, it might save myself HUGE money.

I also require it become a dynamic mic, since I think, condenser mics are useless in areas without acoustic therapy.

But i ran across this: the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB.

At a cost of approximately 75 dollars, it is MUCH cheaper than the Rode Podcaster. It also has actually rave reviews, and includes an earphones jack with amount control, which would eradicate the requirement for a monitor management system.

Now…the final item:

4. Earphones

Even the most basic house studio wouldn’t be total without SOME sort of tracking.

And while I don’t think studio tracks tend to be a MUST-HAVE for each and every studio, I do genuinely believe that headsets ARE.

Coming in at around 50 bucks, you'dn’t think to anticipate much, but the reviews I found on them were universally positive. Making sure that’s what I opted for.


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