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April 5, 2017
The next online DJ mixer you

You may be one of the top rising DJs in your area, but if you don’t have a portfolio of professional-sounding mixes, you’re not going to land the gigs you need. We’ve had a number of brand-new DJs asking us go over the fundamentals of tracking a mix, therefore these days we simply take a closer evaluate the reason why recording great DJ mixes is very important. We’ve in addition assembled some tips about how to result in the means of recording those winning mixes simple and efficient.

the reason why RECORD YOUR MIXES?

A few weeks ago in our regular e-mail, we included a tip that strongly urged tracking every blend that passes using your DJ gear. Whilst it might sound like overkill, we are now living in a period of exceptionally inexpensive data storage (cheaper by the min), therefore there’s virtually zero price related to tracking your blend program.

? Your objectives for tracking mixes ought to be multifaceted – we’ve split the potential utilizes for recording mixes into three tiers for easy dissection:

1) Assessment and critique: pushing you to ultimately re-listen towards DJ practices and performances offers a unique chance to make assessments on your skill set from the perspective of a listener. Many different types of musicians and artists use this trick on a regular basis (especially instrumentalists and performers!) to see and hear what the audience is experiencing.

Don’t hesitate within procedure to make notes and set targets on your own. This specifically is available in handy when you’re trying brand new strategies – from mastering those basic transition types to practicing brand new varieties of buildups – and would like to examine how good those methods worked in the combine. You’ll often be surprised, for good or for bad, at just what it sounds like when you’re not behind the decks.

2) Share the mix: Your followers and friends understand that you’re a DJ, and in a media-saturated digital world high in content creators, sharing brand-new content is the greatest solution to tell all of them that you’re nevertheless into the game (and open to play their particular next household celebration). Online blends usually stick most readily useful if you’re additionally breaking brand new paths or exposing deep cuts on it – it is now time showing down your digging prowess.

Not every mix helps it be through the earlier action of reviewing and critiquing – so make use of your great judgement here and only allow high quality favorites trickle-down this record so that you can take over Soundcloud with. You never know in which these mixes gets played – from lengthy roadtrips to late-night work sessions, you need to makes sure the listener feels as though rocking your combine had been worth every penny.
3) Create an internet brand name: for a lot of DJs, mixes will be the most readily useful equal to a résumé and profile for prospective gigs. While DJTT features written lots your internet DJ brand, the mixes in many cases are the core meat and potatoes that promoters and prospects have a look at. While we’ve all heard stories associated with promoters whom just look at Facebook likes when it comes to scheduling a DJ, but if you don’t have a great catalog of a few mixes, most club proprietors won’t also look twice at you.

That is once more a straight advanced of quality of combine that will enter this level – these are the mixes you’ll function and backlink to probably the most, so make sure only the most officially clean and solid mixes you make are employed right here.

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