Beginners DAW

July 30, 2017
Screenshot of a Pro Tools

from the things I've seen, your projects seems very good. But there are several elements being needed, imo.

I've set up Ubuntu Studio 12.04 to my ASUS desktop computer with standard sound card (absolutely nothing special I'm sure), and all I wish to do for the present time is connect my additional synth (via sound cable) towards mic jack and record tracks using Audacity. Not difficult. (I am aware that you don't point out Audacity inside work, but i might consider it a "simpler" version of Audour, that you simply mention.)

However it isn't working.
I've attempted tweaking the ALSA mixer. I have attempted working QJackCtl and adjusting the settings every-way I am able to, and working Audacity with Jack. Absolutely Nothing.

So, the things I in the morning wanting to achieve must certanly be ridiculously quick. But ALSA and Jack aren't that simple. In reality, I'm really considering setting up a "normal" distro and I also'll most likely have much better chance with ALSA working than I have been wanting to do with Ubuntu Studio.

Can you include a section about how to get ALSA working correctly? I'd consider myself a beginner, but i want more information than what's provided in your tutorial.

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