Studying Music production

January 20, 2017
Studying music production

“Today’s songs producer is managing every role we had 5 various men handling 10 years ago. They're engineering and blending because they are writing the tracks. They are playing the instruments, choosing the co-writers, supplying the studios plus stabilize the finances of project.”

- Cameell Hanna, Serenity West tracking – Los Angeles, CA (Credits: Justin Timberlake, Adele, Florence & the device, Eva Simons, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg)

a songs producer oversees the development of the music but he/she wears numerous hats …

Songs producers

  • resemble film administrators while they artistically guide and direct the recording process
  • assistance offer a standard sight for a music record and help find a method to seamlessly interrelate the songs within the record
  • might also become a music arranger, composer, musician or songwriter

Good songs manufacturers realize all aspects of recording process, the studio environment therefore the technology within it. They also have an excellent ear and a well-rounded understanding of exactly how voices and tools create high quality tracks. Get more information

CAO Course Possibility: Music Manufacturing

Concerns to inquire about yourself when considering if a songs production program is actually for you …

Do you have a passion for music?

Will you be a composer, musician or making a music already?

Have you been keen to understand the pc, technical and perhaps engineering abilities to perfect the sound equipment in a recording studio?

Do you log on to well with individuals?

Learning the abilities and finding the right path in songs industry requires dedication, strength, enthusiasm and plenty of effort.

Study Music Production at both Griffith College & Pulse university

The BA (Hons) in Music Production degree was exclusively created by industry, for industry, and is delivered together with Windmill Lane Tracking Studios’ Pulse College.

For over three decades, Windmill Lane tracking Studios has been host to intercontinental customers eg U2, woman GaGa, The Script in addition to Kings of Leon.

This effective collaboration means those that enrol when it comes to BA in musical manufacturing have actually an unrivalled opportunity to quickly advance their particular educational education with direct expertise in a respected commercial environment.

With an increased exposure of equipping students with industry-applicable skills, the BA (Hons) in songs manufacturing is the ideal option for anybody who is committed to employed in the music industry.

1. Vocational Emphasis

Unlike many similar programs, Griffith and Pulse locations particular value on providing pupils the primary abilities essential to flourish in working world. Although we always instruct the idea behind songs production, it's always with a view to placing it into rehearse. On graduation you’ll possess advantage over your competition with a formidable profile that features your technical and creative capabilities in fields since diverse as composing for artistic news and sound design.

2. The Innovative Environment

Facilities at both Pulse College and Griffith College are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and pupils tend to be supported to create outstanding operate in sound manufacturing. We encourage that bring in bands and performers to rehearse tracking strategies.

Business standard programmes particularly Logic and professional Tools may supplied, plus the guidance and training you’ll receive from experienced professionals for mastering this computer software.

3. Powerful Industry Contacts

Though it’s constantly a nerve-racking knowledge, we prefer to toss our students in on deep end! From your own 1st time you’ll be working together with established musicians and industry figures, whoever several years of working experience will show invaluable in assisting you channel and apply your imagination. Students ought to inquire, whether it’s exactly how a musician has actually attained their particular signature noise or how they by themselves are finding employment on the market.

4. Accreditation

This BA (Hons) in songs Production presents a cooperation between Pulse and Griffith university. Graduates of the programme are totally approved to level 8 standard, and generally are free to go after further skills at MA or PHD level. Also, Pulse College is the only school in Ireland currently providing certification in Avid Pro Tools to an expert standard, also to our understanding truly the only school worldwide to award program credits for this.

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