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March 7, 2019
On the Brink Music Productions

I am Michael White and I also was the creator of this MPG Insider Membership site. From time we began officially teaching songs production in 2001, we stumbled on realize simply how much I always enjoyed helping other individuals understand the art of music production and sound manufacturing. As every year passed, i came across myself progressively devoted to training and inspiring music manufacturers and engineers to pursue their particular goals.

It really is really a privilege whenever you've got the chance to make use of their experience to simply help other people. It is with this specific character that i've developed the MPG Insider Membership website. The objective of making community this list of credentials, will be assist supply the audience a sense of the experiences and viewpoint from which I instruct.

As a specialist, i've always shied from the limelight, permitting that go in which its rightly deserved, to the designers, producers and musicians whoever attempts i have already been luckily enough to capture for other individuals to enjoy. However, once I look right back whatsoever for the musicians, producers, performers and amazing experiences i've had, i must feel incredibly grateful and blessed for what We have achieved.

I am hoping that following information assists provide a point of view to your content of this website. I think there are particular truths within the art of recording and making songs that hold no matter what the technology employed past or provide. It's my belief why these facts are best gained through experience and witnessing them within professional songs manufacturing process. I really hope that interpretation of my professional experiences can help enhance the experiences you've got with your own songs production objectives.



1986–PRESENT: Tracking Engineer & Producer

Might work throughout the years covers an easy spectral range of music designs from jazz and classical to hiphop and rock on all levels of the production process including monitoring, editing, combining and learning. Furthermore, radio and sound production for film including surround blending.

1990–PRESENT: Independent Consultant and Specialized Engineer

We have contracted consulting and technical manufacturing solutions to Solid State Logic, the largest producer of expert audio recording consoles, including installments and education for most prestigious studios in america like the Hit Factory NY, Criteria studios, Right Track Recording, Electrical Lady, Sony Studios, NBC NY and personal recording studios for Whitney Houston, Reba McEntire and Mutt Lange.

We at this time provide expert consulting for the design/redesign of private and commercial studios including acoustic remedies, gear purchases, technical/practical instruction and streamlined workflow for composers, manufacturers and artists to facilitate optimum potential.

2001–2010: Teacher at SAE Institute in NYC

Utilizing my experience as a full-time working professional producer and recording engineer into the songs industry, I was capable show from somewhere of expertise. The knowledge of teaching features helped me personally gain a deeper knowledge of the skill of manufacturing and exactly how to convey that knowledge to others. Continuing to record and produce music on their own permitted us to relate the essential current styles into the music industry in to the classroom environment. I attained official certification as an instructor when you look at the State of brand new York in 2003.

2006: Composer Of Modifying Audio In Professional Tools

Authored a book entitled “Editing Audio in Pro Tools” published and distributed by Thomson Publishing © 2006. This guide is an interactive help guide to the skill of modifying audio for songs manufacturing. Simply by using genuine professional Tools sessions your user can load within their computer, the examples allow a direct relationship from book to computer for learning the methods and editing options that come with professional Tools software.

2002–2004: Songs Supervisor for Poitier Productions

Songs Supervisor for Poitier Productions Inc. done the separate film creation of ‘The River Niger’ a Tony leading Broadway play published by Joseph A. Walker. Conceptualized, developed and produced the entire songs production procedure from budgeting toward licensing of songs and background music utilized in the film.

2000–2003: Engineer for OLN broadcast regarding the Sirius Satellite Radio Network

Tracking professional and producer for “Adventure Center”, a live call-in radio tv show specialized in severe recreations recorded on Sirius Satellite broadcast studios in nyc. Post-production engineer for many shows on OLN Radio such as the recording and production of advertising adverts for OLN TV together with real time radio production of the 2003 ‘Tour de France’.

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