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October 15, 2019

PreyMick Gordon, composer of the hard-rockin’ heavy metal and rock soundtrack for this year’s Doom reboot, is focusing on Prey, the next project by Dishonored creator Arkane. He defines it as "Spaghetti Western elements mixed in with synths."

Besides Doom, Mick Gordon's past composer credits feature Wolfenstein: This new purchase, Killer Instinct 2014 and several Need For Speed games. Prey, though a reboot of a sci-fi shooter, contains a healthier dose of slower-paced emotional scary, establishing a modification of tone from the high-octane tasks.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Gordon says "it's even more thought-provoking, there are many Western noises... Spaghetti Western elements blended in with synths and things like that." Arkane's approach happens to be more concept-led, he explains, with Prey's manager Raphael Colantonio saying: "You're drifting in area, what does that sound like?" or "you're unfortunate, you skip your family as you're lost somewhere."

Gordon is clear there will be no energy chords in Prey, saying "Doom is the owner of that." Interestingly, offered its warm reception, Gordon states that one associated with the initial problems for his focusing on the Doom sound recording was so it should not feature rock.

Worries had been it was turn out “corny” and detract from “the visceral experience” that designer id computer software wished. “So we began for around six to nine months doing only synthesisers, ” says Gordon, “and then after a few years, we began going, ‘you know very well what, dudes… if we can truly add five per cent electric guitar in here, everybody will cherish it.”

Five % became ten, after that fifteen, until finally, the game’s sound recording landed where it performed. “It was cool, however, because we attained those metal-type noises from another type of direction, ” claims Gordon. “We performedn’t say, ‘Let’s make a metal sound recording.’ We went synths and kickdrums, and we wound up involved in metal elements. Personally I think that way’s just what offered Doom its identification you might say, it had beenn’t just a straight ‘90s thrash tribute”.

Maybe this may take place again, and Prey will sound like Ennio Morricone and Metallica got drunk and had a jam session. If it doesn't, something

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