Software For EDM

March 6, 2017
Rob Papen Blue II

The Post Analyzer application is employed for post processing of formerly taped time stream data. Article handling includes information fitness, Fourier change functions, and specific analyses such as order monitoring and octave analysis.

To offer an entire bundle of both real time evaluation and post processing, amazingly Instruments developed EDM (Engineering information control) supporting applications to incorporate three individual software modules: article Analyzer, Waveform Editor, and File Converter. Post Analyzer (PA) contains many powerful post processing resources with batch handling abilities. This document describes PA functions.

PA is a completely independent Windows application that analyzes data files on some type of computer using numerous formulas. It's three variations: PA Viewer permits the user to look at data and produce reports; PA fundamental has FFT spectral evaluation and 3D signal screen works; PA Premium has more complex features such as octave filters and order monitoring.

Group processing is a robust device that allows PA computer software to immediately process identically structured data in batches. Provided that an individual records time signals without changing the options, that will be often the instance, the recorded indicators are provided in to the exact same task and processed independently without handbook procedure.


In post handling mode, EDM allows user browse through data files and rapidly import the info content and qualities of every channel. Time traces are played right back. Cursors and zoom functions allow you to view the sign residential property details. EDM post processing includes data fitness, real-time filters, FFT spectral evaluation, curve-fit, THD, RMS calculation, octave filters, purchase monitoring, trending and alarms. Shows consist of time and spectra, waterfall, color-map spectrogram and bode plots. After post processing, information is exported, or used to create reports.

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