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May 12, 2019

Polyrhythmus could be the machine generator of records and rhythms many of us have long dreamt of.

It does Euclidean rhythms – shaped divisions period that beautifully create typical polyrhythms (not only for nerds, but modeling countless preferred rhythms – understand analysis of Godfried Toussaint). it is additionally capable of making other rhythms. It could be polymetrical or polyrhythmic. It’s … in addition an arpeggiator. Additionally automates parameters and MIDI Control Change emails. It's a lot of modes. It’s standard. It’s dynamic. It’s amazing. It’s a music making nerd’s dream, friendly to anybody who loves rhythms, records, and habits.

It’s, for the time being, a convenient Max for Live component for Ableton Live. Nevertheless the creator desires to determine if we’d want a standalone variation. Answer: yes.

Watch, as creator Benniy C. Bascom shows:

So, in analysis:

  • Rhythms
  • Arpeggiators
  • Automation of MIDI CC and variables
  • Real time arpeggiation and design sequencing
  • Sequences that trigger various other sequences
  • Skip measures
  • Randomize parameters
  • May open wormholes to other proportions (he said to view your whole video clip tutorial – start thinking about your self warned)

it is perhaps not the first to ever do these things, nonetheless it’s one among the craziest. Therefore’s impressive just how much he’s match a little rack space – and how effectively he provides access to rhythmic design creation.

This is the newest of Benniy’s projects, however it’s not by yourself – think much more sequencers and parameter playback via video names.

I possibly could state more, but … no, sorry, I’m off to have fun with this.

And you can in addition look at this pretty photo (mouse click for a Tumblr-friendly animated GIF):


Actually, if there’s any problem about it, it's the permit – it's fantastic it’s no-cost. Nonetheless it’s marked innovative Commons Non-Commercial and No Derivatives – the second which means that men and women can’t modify it and share exactly what they’ve made, which would appear to open some opportunities. I’d in fact rather pay some cash because of it, but get a CC license that enable you to make some derivative works in line with the exact same concept. Still, I’m happy as always to see an explicit permit, i realize why not to ever allow types (clones and mods distracting through the original), and it’s too-good to complain.

Updated: The creator has actually amply eliminated the No Derivatives restriction. Meaning you will be able to alter it and share those alterations, if you don’t get any commercial gain (it’s however noticeable Non-Commercial). Many Thanks!

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