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November 13, 2017
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Turf Unity Music Project

The Turf Unity Project provides instruction and resources to grass childhood looking to make songs that explores the main reasons for violence. The songs produced in the workshops promotes an email of Turf Unity. The task straight reacts to neighborhood needs by advocating for violence-free lifestyle and provides choices to violence by providing sources for professional songs development. The aim of the Turf Unity project will be bring together skilled young musicians and manufacturers centuries 15-24 from all Oakland communities and Bay Area turfs to collaborate on avoid The Violence Turf Unity Songs. These tracks are performed at Silence the Violence and Art for action activities and they are utilized for different projects as a means of bringing communities collectively into action. At Turf Unity workshops, members have actually a way to make beats, play music instruments, do lyric-writing, and record in pro-tools studios for 3-full days.

The Turf Unity musical Project has received great success and contains motivated lots of people. The first Turf Unity compilation CD offered over 1200 copies in the first month, and moved silver regarding streets as well as claimed ideal regarding the Bay by the san francisco bay area Guardian newsprint. Initial Turf Unity reveal out of stock, featuring over 40 rap musicians and many community leaders like Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. The next Turf Unity project brought collectively over 50 musicians and artists from over 30 communities for the Bay Area, including Mistah F.A.B., Dj Cochise (KRS-1′s dj) and Dj Fuse (formerly of electronic Underground). This Turf Unity gathering made front-page news in Oakland Tribune in addition to headline development on KTVU Channel 2. Music produced as part of the Turf Unity task supports contributing childhood performers and contains generated thousands of dollars for participating rappers and songs businesses. Turf Unity encourages company networking in the neighborhood and encourages collaboration between musicians and artists as a strategy to achieve your goals when you look at the songs industry. The Turf Unity project hires youth music artists from the Bay region community to run not just the recording sessions, but additionally to create the CDs, organize the shows, and coordinate tour possibilities.

We’ve taken Turf Unity to your US personal Forum in Atlanta, the fantasy Reborn Green for several meeting in Memphis, the nationwide Hip-Hop meeting in vegas, and the Alaska Youth for ecological Action convergence in Anchorage. The Turf Unity project enthusiastically shares its organizing design with interested teams through the entire country and continues to be contemplating partnering with other jobs with shared commitments. Turf Unity is a collaborative effort of Art doing his thing, United Roots, United Playaz as well as the Urban Peace Movement. The past Turf Unity sunday Gathering happened in June 2010, and the album was released on November fifteenth, 2010. Turf Unity took part in Turf Summits in Oakland during summertime 2012 & 2013 included in the Urban Peace Movement’s Silence the Violence National day's Action.

Turf Unity 4 Promo Video:

Group Picture from Turf Unity 2010
(Turf Unity Group Photo)

Short Movie towards Turf Unity Venture:

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