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November 10, 2013

Strata Series: Core UltimateCore Ultimate is Sonicfire professional 6’s aptly known as included album*. Meticulously produced for the highest possible production price, it addresses a wide swath of styles, supplying the news creator a rich and varied palette for virtually any aesthetic need.

Start with it’s three-track orchestral collection. Francisco Becker, one of SmartSound’s master cinematic composers, took an easy, breathtaking motif and carefully crafted this treasure across three various cinematic stylings; epic, love/romantic and action/comedy. This thematic approach enables the tracks to be woven, utilizing Sonicfire professional 6’s powerful technologies, into totally cohesive soundtracks addressing nearly every cinematic need while maintaining a consistent, unforgettable theme.

After that there are the inspirational and modern cues from Emmy leading composer Ron Komie. Ron adds two amazing paths of inspiration and achievement with a musical sound and style at cornice of modernist vision. Showing his expansive flexibility he adds to the fray an ecstatic, tube-driven rhythm-guitar rave ideal for high-energy activity sequences and a really epic hip-hop track that may explode off of any video clip.

Incorporating nonetheless even more variety are two bits of unbridled fun and convenience from our males in Big Apple, ny Tune Saloon, popular with tv and film producers for their approachable style. Top of the day functions a light, airy rhythm undergirding the pure pleasure of a well-whistled melody. Shock Visit’s high-energy acoustic 12-string guitar pushes an utterly infectious hi-piano lick and walking-on-clouds singing part through twangy lead guitars with another infectious bell counter-hook.

Completing the ready is pop-rock guitarist-writer-producer Michael Raphael, recognized for their make use of will act as varied as Kiss, Rage contrary to the Machine and Jessica Simpson. Michael is back for another Core record album follow up. Their edgy-yet-catchy vocal track “Trouble” feels like his work for these other musicians and artists - fresh from the pop-rock maps, and features the becoming more popular vocalist Kyle Castellani.

Needless to say all ten tracks have been in SmartSound’s Multi-Layer format providing total access to most of Sonicfire Pro 6’s exciting functions. This album offers countless methods to explore Sonicfire professional 6’s great technologies which will in turn, allow you to meld them to the perfect fit for your specific sight.

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