RAP equipment

July 6, 2017

For many years, group plants have taken the trunk chair to drum flowers about adding increasingly more RAP into combine. Group flowers being tied to their particular designs to include more RAP. That's been true as yet!

Meeker gear features designed our RAP-PAK system makes it possible for batch plants to incorporate around 30percent RAP in mixes many flowers are using 40% RAP! This sounds unbelievable but it is true! Group plants tend to be making quality mixes with RAP percentages in the 30 to 40percent range with positive control over the vapors and steam.

Meeker does this with our unique vapor data recovery system and control system which absolutely controls the vapor within the RAP home heating procedure. We control what sort of RAP is given to the mixer allowing united states to uniformly distribute the rap yet perhaps not impact general manufacturing through the plant.

Some producers are actually using our RAP PAK system in conjunction with our warm blend system to make exceptional mixes with also greater RAP percentages. Even a few of the stingiest driveway technicians have complimented our customers on the quality mixes.

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