Programs for recording music

November 6, 2016
There are many programs for

The Clive Davis Institute could be the very first and just system of the kind to offer expert business and artistic education toward a BFA in Recorded songs. We make an effort to offer students with all the essential skills — business, imaginative, and intellectual — so they might emerge as visionary creative entrepreneurs when you look at the evolving songs business.

We encourage students to build up revolutionary musical some ideas and envision new music business models, work collaboratively, cultivate both intellectual rigor and a readiness to experiment artistically, and believe leadership functions into the art and business of developing and selling taped music.

Pupils who register have an array of aspirations. Some aspire to become CEOs of record labels. Some aspire to come to be record manufacturers just who helm successful production companies. And others are performing designers or music critics who wish to develop their business acumen in order that they might develop an effective brand.

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