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August 9, 2018
Leawo Music Recorder for Mac

custom pcThese Days that practically all music recording moved digital…

The very first question on every musician’s brain whenever first starting out with music manufacturing is:

Which computer can I get?

Though as I’m sure you are already aware, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Because depending on aspects such as:

  • budget
  • processing rate
  • portability

YOUR ideal choice might be completely different from someone else’s.

Which is the reason why for today’s post, I end showing you all you need to know to obtain the perfect computer/laptop for the setup.

So let’s begin. Very First up…

Laptops vs. Desktops

Progressively these days, as technology becomes more and more “mobile“…

Desktop computers are gradually becoming something of the past.

However for songs recording, they’re nonetheless just what most of the pros continue to use.

Here’s why:

  • They’re generally quicker – their particular bigger housing offers room for maximum handling capacity to meet the high needs of today’s DAW’s and plugins.
  • They have much more IN’s/OUT’s – which allow you to incorporate larger, more advanced routings to steadfastly keep up along with your ever-growing setup.
  • They feature greater modification – which let’s you add more RAM, extra hard drives, additional video clip cards, and more…as needed.
  • They resolve the noise issue – by allowing that keep consitently the tower (noisy) in a different space for the studio screens and microphones.

Despite every one of these advantages, the single thing that desktop computer computers are lacking is…PORTABILITY.

Plus in today’s world of DJ’s and mobile studios, the portability of a laptop is a MUST.

Plus…since we use a laptop for school/work anyway, it gets rid of the necessity for 2 individual expenditures.

Today at this time, I’ll assume you’ve currently decided whether a desktop or laptop suits you.

So let’s move ahead. Up next…

Mac vs. Computer

Need to know the easiest way to piss-off a recording geek? Here’s everything do:

If he makes use of a Computer inside the studio, simply tell him Macs tend to be much better.

If he makes use of a Mac, make sure he understands PC’s tend to be better.

Because for some unusual reason, this subject incites violent debates…that final permanently, and bring about no real conclusions.

In reality, I definitely HATE offering my opinion on this subject.

But right here it's anyhow:

Directly, I Love Macs. Not merely for recording, however for every thing. That days, a lot of the songs world (plus the rest of the globe) agrees.

desktops vs laptop computersIf YOU agree as well…get a Mac.

So why a Computer then? It’s frequently 1 of 3 factors:

  1. Cost – Macs usually are higher priced than PC’s, and not everybody can afford them.
  2. Customization – computer system nerds typically favor PC’s, being that they are easier to modify/supercharge.
  3. Windows – many people much like the Microsoft windows OS.

If not one of those 3 things affect you…get a Mac.

But whichever side you choose, simply understand that a great deal of great songs has been created on each one, and also this subject is not almost since crucial as some may have you imagine.

Assuming you’ve made your decision…let’s move on.

Up after that…

Mac Desktops

With Mac desktops, you have 3 choices:

  1. Mac Pro
  2. iMac
  3. Mac Mini

Today right here’s the way they contrast:

Initially, there’s the Mac Professional.

For studio recording, there’s probably nothing better. Peek your mind into any pro studio…and it’s likely that, that’s exactly what you’ll discover.

mac vs pcHowever…

The simple truth is: for most of us, a Mac Pro would simply be overkill. Therefore next up…the iMac.

While not almost as effective, the iMac is much more useful for an average beginner’s setup, because integrates the computer and monitor into an individual device.

When you can afford it, it's ready a great choice for many home studios.

If you CAN’T but your final choice is the Mac Mini.

What number of times have your heard some body state:

I want to get a Mac, but they’re too costly 🙁

Well the Mac Mini is proof that just isn't entirely true.

May possibly not possess rate or versatility of this more expensive models…but it offers all of the advantages of the Mac OSX, for a tremendously modest cost.

PC Desktops

For Anyone dudes which build custom PCs…

We Have definitely you know more concerning this topic than I Really Do…


If you can assemble something faster and much better than a Mac Pro…go for it.

I would personallyn’t dare make an effort to persuade you usually.

If however, you DON’T fall into this group, and you also actually don’t understand much about computer systems at all…

I quickly advise steering clear of Computer desktops entirely.

And here’s the reason why:

If you are never a massive Computer lover, the only real reason to choose a PC for your studio would be if you’re a newbie wanting to conserve money.

And since the advantage of pc is MORE PROCESSING ENERGY, it makes small good sense to get any desktop computer this is certainlyn’t blazing fast.

So if you have only $500 to invest, you might too get a laptop computer, in order to at least have some portability and.

With that said, let’s move on…

The 4 KEY Computer Specs

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