Music recording Program

August 23, 2016
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This system supports noise tracking jobs at BC-based studios, and is built to entice domestic and intercontinental company to BC tracking facilities. Individuals are artist-entrepreneurs and songs companies.

This program supports BC-based reside songs activities, creating engagement possibilities for viewers and designers. Funding also aids company development initiatives for live events, such as for instance including a unique stage, new areas access, new income stream development, infrastructure improvements, expert development and business travel. Applicants with this system are BC-based celebrations, venues, presenters and occasion producers.

This program aids the investigation projects that enhance knowledge and notify the rise, evolution and development of BC’s diverse and distinct music sector. Research may inform financial impact, brand-new item development, market research, customer behavior, feasibility for brand new initiatives, and diversity inside the songs industry. Candidates with this program tend to be business associations and company collaborations.

This program supports industry occasions and export tasks that exhibit and grow BC’s music business such as business seminars, trade missions, collaborative export advertising, and BC showcases at activities. Financing additionally aids training tasks that develop industry specialists’ knowledge and abilities, along with the business capacity of artist-entrepreneurs, including seminars, webinars, workshops, mentoring, internships, or singer development programs. Candidates with this program tend to be business associations and business collaborations.

This system aids projects that progress BC musicians and artists, financing the creation of BC-based songs videos alongside advertising and marketing activities including electronic hit kits, photography, and/or promotional campaigns.

This system aids initiatives to grow and build the capability of BC’s music businesses, including the launch of the latest business units, researching/testing new products or revenue channels, company travel, professional development, advertising projects, and A&R/scouting.

This system supports the development of book as well as disruptive new tips such as cross sector collaboration between technology and songs, the launch of brand new BC-based businesses that fill gaps on the market, and other tasks that support the advancement of BC’s music industry.

Programs launching in sequence between December 2016 and March 2017.

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