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November 14, 2019
Beats Keyboard

Avid Pro Tools

Don’t waste you or your client’s time by slaving around on a mouse. Utilize keyboard shortcuts to your workflow to accomplish your project faster.

When modifying or presenting assembling your shed to a client, the last thing they want to delay for is a professional with a sluggish workflow. Keyboard shortcuts can exponentially cut your modifying time down, compared to modifying without shortcuts. Never ever get back to modifying the long distance again or using a mouse to perform time-intensive edits. Let’s take a good look at just what this tutorial covers:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Workflow suggestions
  • Editing tips

This video is supplied by ThePureMixTutorials on the .

Professional Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s a few of well known shortcuts for professional Tools…



Shift + M


Shift + S


Shift + R

Feedback Monitoring

Shift + I (HD) or Opt + K (record enabled)

Duplicate Track

Shift + Opt + D

Duplicate Region

Cmd + D

Perform Area

Opt + R


Combine Areas

Shift + Opt + 3

Export Regions

Shift + Cmd + K

Choose Unused Areas

Shift + Cmd + U

Clear Selected Regions

Shift + Cmd + B (option to remove all)

Shortcut Keyboards for Pro Tools

For specialists wanting to simply take their particular workflow to the next level, you can find that have the modifying functions and higher level settings imprinted right on the tips. This really is a great way to quickly begin integrating these shortcuts into your editing workflow. Pretty soon, they’ll come to be 2nd nature.

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