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June 15, 2016
Portable First Song Editor

Hokusai is a multitrack sound editor for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Record or import a track, and also make it appear how you want to buy to: not just trimming the finishes, but full cut, content, paste and delete, and a suite of filters and special results available.

"gorgeous clutter-free screen" —

"Hokusai will convince you that audio had been meant to be modified with an impression display screen — it is simply therefore natural in this app that you’ll end up consistently coming back to it." — iOS Music And You

Edit numerous paths side-by-side, mix all of them together, and export to Wave or MP4 structure — after that move all of them towards computer, deliver them to some other software on your device, or upload to cloud services.

Hokusai is streamlined to offer a clean, clear view of one's songs. Utilize the familiar pinch and swipe gestures to zoom right in and fiddle with depth, or step-back to understand big image. Pick items of sound. Live "scrubbing" implies it is possible to hear the sound using your fingertip as you make your modifications. And you also requiren't fear a negative edit with your full undo/redo support — even with closing any project.

Hokusai comes free with a couple of of good use resources such as for example fade in/out, normalise volume levels, reverse time, and fundamental synthesis. If you need even more energy, you can upgrade from inside the software to add new tools and impacts, including: Per-track volume/mute/panning, picking across numerous paths at once, presets and favourites, whole grain synthesis, sound gating, time-stretching, pitch-bending, echo, reverb, modulation (are & FM), resonance, distortion, grunge, vocal levelling, beast sound, high/low/band-pass/notch-cut filter and much more — some of which can be previewed real time.

What is New in Version 2.0.9

The very last update had a challenge which could prevent folks from importing tracks from their songs Library. Sorry about that! This inform fixes the issue.

by Barrysj120

We have never ever already been therefore please with an app that typed an assessment. I literally simply published the application, my track, and got the work done in not as much as two minutes. I favor so it links with google drive. That was a giant feature for me personally and the thing I do in school with my students.

Had previously been good
by Ebro66556
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