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April 10, 2015
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DreamStation II


The demonstration version has actually all functions enabled, with the exception of conserving. Contains demo songs, DreamStation DXi2, DSFX Chorus, DSFX Flanger, DSFX Phaser, DSFX Distortion and DSFX Reverb plugins. These plugins tend to be unrestricted and that can be freely found in other hosts, too.


Full form of DreamStaion DXi2 polyphonic analog synth Direct-X Istrument plug-in. COMPLIMENTARY!


Full type of our old DreamStation 1.0 soft synth workstation. Please be aware your development of DreamStation 1.0 is terminated 8 years ago, so that it may decreased features (particularly plugin help) you'd expect from a workstation today. If you'd like a more up to date number please take to DreamStation II.

DreamStation 1.0ITEMS

DreamStation 1.0 is our old standalone software synth workstation which consist of an analog synthesizer component, a 32 tracks step-time sequencer, double stereo FX processor and an eight channel stereo mixer. We made DreamStation 1.0 no-cost aided by the launch of its more technical second variation.

As much as three oscillators can be used for every vocals, where every oscillator is creating sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse (OSC2&3 square) or sound waveforms. Linear regularity modulation, band modulation and difficult synchronization can be found between OSC1&2. You'll change the traditional waveforms with 16 bit mono samples, and employ them once the supply of band and frequency modulation. A multimode filtering design is responsible for eliminating/exciting specified frequencies associated with the generated signal by promoting 2 pole lowpass, bandpass, highpass, 4 pole lowpass and formant filter modes. Three ADSR envelope generators (each one of these person for amp, filter and a person defined EG for general-purpose), one LFO, vibrato and portamento are the modulation areas.

All of this is controlled by the built-in 32 tracks step-time sequencer. The composer can quickly keep track of any actions/events (like filter sweeping, retriggering, mixer development, instrument choosing) thorough. This integrated sequencer is synchronizable to external MIDI time clock.

DreamStation 1.0The consequences processors provides programmable result kinds including wait (mono, stereo, spatial, Ping-Pong), chorus (single, double voice, mono, stereo), phaser (mono, spatial), flanger (mono, stereo), and reverb (room, hall, plate). Around three various results may be used at the same time, two of these tend to be connected serially and form a separate results processor.

Like on a real mixing console, you have eight channels which you yourself can cluster any number of instruments to, controlling the cooking pan, volume also specific sends toward result blocks. The last product can be downmixed and rendered or grabbed into a stereo revolution file, then burned straight to a CD.

Please observe that the introduction of DreamStation 1.0 was terminated 8 years ago, so that it may not enough functions (particularly plugin assistance) might expect from a workstation today. If you need a more updated host please try DreamStation II.
Program Requirements
A totally basic Computer is adequate to perform DreamStation 1.0. Make sure you have at the very least 128Mb memory and a Direct-X suitable soundcard. It runs under Windows 95/98/ME and XP.
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