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January 23, 2017
Mixcraft 8 - The Musician s

The digital Music Producer program is especially tailored to organize you for a musician career in digital music and DJing. This one-year curriculum focuses on production skills, innovative workflow, synthesis and songs business.

Make, mix and master paths that forge your sonic identity in assistance of our teaching staff of experienced experts.

Collaborate with fellow pupils and staff in almost any of your killer studios through your included weekly studio hours.

Refine your artist brand, system with the industry and prepare yourself for success.

Benefit from internships, mentorships, overall performance and manufacturing possibilities. Gain valuable exposure and economic opportunities by contributing work to our songs certification catalog.

"straight away, you dudes at Pyramind understood that which we were doing. You were totally on our side. You recognized that (our music) had been unusual and that it might have some particular prospective" - The M Machine (Pyramind students)

The Facts

5 Days weekly
one year
27 Classes
600 Hours of Class Time
6 Manufacture Certifications
11 Topic Songs
3 DAW's
22 Portfolio Pieces

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