Electronic music Mixing

June 9, 2016
On Electronic Music Mixing

Mediocre mixing damages tracks. Don’t let great tracks go to waste – get a whole mixing knowledge with Isaac Cotec in Mixing Electronic musical In Ableton Live.

Isaac, better known as Subaqueous, is an Ableton Certified instructor who’s been making digital music in Ableton since 2002. Within course, he’ll discuss the why behind the how of mixing and help you will be making much better decisions during each step of the mixing procedure. You’ll read about:

  • Setting up your studio: screens, acoustic treatment, etc
  • Routing and gain structure
  • Vibrant range and compression
  • Advanced EQing and spatial positioning
  • Including color and dimension: reverb, delay, and results
  • Principles of mastering in reside

Isaac will reveal just how to zoom aside and simply take conceptual control over the mix then zero in from the tips it’ll take to get there.

Mixing Electronic Music In Ableton Live will get you up-to-speed from the why together with how of blending which means you never degrade another track again.

Has Isaac's total mixing example set in Ableton with all examples of compression, eq, track setup and panning together with the regularity worksheet of instrument placement, a pdf on sharing songs with other people and a pdf on blending in Ableton Live. Over 1GB overall!

Source: www.creativelive.com
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