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August 27, 2017
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The beat creating computer software within lineup are all entry-level programs and affordable choices to introduce you to manufacturing globe, but Cubase Elements 7 outshines the competition. Cubase Elements 7 is much more than simply entry level beat making computer software, its a thorough Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which has had a whole bundle of tracking abilities, digital instruments and a sizable cycle library to assist you create your very own music. Elements boasts stout songs creation tools within an intuitive interface, which will be plenty of to make it our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.


When you available Cubase Elements 7, you'll be prompted to choose a recording template inside the Steinberg Hub. You can easily select from various themes for recording, rating, production and mastering. Specific templates will immediately include sound files to your project to give you prepared to record right out of the gate.

The screen features on a clean layout with a drifting transportation at the end for the display that you could go anywhere you prefer. The arrangement window could be the workplace where you add your entire loops and recordings to modify and arrange into a whole tune.

You could add audio to the arrangement screen by tracking outside instruments, utilising the virtual devices or including loops through the big cycle collection. All the loops and noise libraries through this beat computer software are observed under the news loss. There are 3, 690 functional MIDI and sound loops within Cubase Elements 7. Cubase contains over 6, 115 usable sound extensions if you consist of all track presets and other file extensions. This really is a sizable collection of noises to possess at your disposal, specifically for entry level pc software.

Double-clicking a loop will immediately send the loop toward arrangement window. Once a loop is in the arrangement screen, you are able to open up the MIDI editor to improve the MIDI information. In the MIDI editor you could add hit things (sounds) and remove them and replace the velocity (volume) of each noise. The editor is easy to make use of and helps you produce the exact MIDI track that you would like.

This pc software is sold with three complete digital instruments. While which may not appear to be numerous compared to other software, the digital instruments are versatile. The HALion Sonic SE is a synthesizer that can imitate a variety of tools. Through the presets, this virtual instrument can emulate everything from guitar to drum sounds.

For musicians, one of the most interesting digital devices could be the VST Amp Rack. This digital tool creates electric guitar tones from a few of the most revered electric guitar amps around. You'll plug your guitar right into your noise card and have the full arsenal of electric guitar amps at your disposal, from high-gain Diamond amps to super-clean Blackface amplifiers. You'll be able to create a whole digital pedal board to run your electric guitar sign through. The VST Amp Rack gives you a great-sounding complete electric guitar rig at your fingertips.


It's possible to have around 48 sound files and 64 MIDI tracks per project in Cubase. While other software provides limitless audio tracks per program, might rarely get in a situation for which you require a lot more than 48 paths in a production program. Cubase has come a considerable ways from its very early versions with this music manufacturer computer software that has been more restrictive. You can just capture eight audio tracks at the same time per program along with limited plugins to work well with. Today, this entry-level beat software program is far closer to the full DAW than a restrictive entry-level product.

It is possible to write complete automation on what you record inside the arrangement window. What this means is you can easily write amount modifications, fades, panning alongside impacts in audio tracks. When automation is written, the sound will automatically pan, diminish and do everything you've written without any additional manual manipulation.


The blending system is simple to navigate and adjustable. All the place and equalizer data are collapsible which is why only what you need to make use of. Inside the mixer you could add up to eight place and deliver impacts per channel. A great many other programs just allow four per channel. Between the 44 offered plugins and numerous place and deliver impacts, you have most of the tools to produce unique sounds and textures inside your compositions.

This beat creating pc software consists of a four-band equalizer. With the equalizer you are able to adjust the lower, low-mid, high-mid and high frequencies in the audio. Additionally there are high-pass and low-pass filters offered to further strengthen your audio sound.

Assist & help

To own usage of the total help options that Cubase provides, you need to produce a Steinberg account. After you enroll, you have got full access to the knowledgebase, individual discussion boards and contact online forums. Cubase Elements 7 is fully functional on both Windows and Mac platforms.


Cubase Elements 7 is amongst the most useful beat making programs in all the program we evaluated. It has an intuitive interface, large cycle library, flexible virtual impacts and solid recording capabilities. This effective and affordable software program is perfect for both novice and specialist users.

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