How to make beats for songs?

July 3, 2016
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The Difference Between a songs Producer & a Beat MakerThis comparison is a total cause of debate. It is a rather interesting animal to dissect, so let us get directly to it.

In my opinion, a "beat maker" is a person who produces "beats". These days, it's frequently done on a pc. A beat device (like an MPC or sampling keyboard) is similar thing. These are generally only pieces of equipment with regards to very own internal CPU systems. Therefore in the interests of argument, let us simply state that 99% of modern music is done on a system which contains an internal Central Processing Unit (yes, the overall game Of Thrones intro motif song had been totally done on some type of computer. Crazy, huh?)

So what exactly does it suggest to "make beats"? Believe it or not, many non-music-making individuals nonetheless cannot very know very well what it really is, which can be completely ok. Discover a short explanation of exactly what "making music" implies: think about it like a "one man musical organization". The "beat maker" is literally composing the full piece of music. These are typically "playing" the drums (or "programming"), keyboards, tools, various noises, percussion, you name it. Occasionally, they just take other bits of songs that already occur and "manipulate" all of them into brand new music (quite simply, "sampling"). All of this is done on a computer (most of the time, in just a keyboard hooked up to it).

Making beats rocks !. It really is an art. It's addictive. There's so many how to show yourself. Numerous palettes, colors, sounds available. It is like becoming a contemporary time ancient composer, minus the report, sheet songs and feather tipped ink pen. It's 2016. We make use of computer systems. And applications. Lot's of these. Very nearly way too many to pick from. It's an art and craft that needs creativity AND technical knowledge.

Ok. Cool.

Therefore, what is a "music producer" then?

Really, for me, a "music producer" is an individual who creates music (surprise!). This is of "produce" should "make or manufacture from elements or recycleables". In this instance, our components tend to be music chords, drums, instrument riffs and everything we are able to adjust to make "sound", which finally we choose to phone a "song", or "music".

So the debate becomes "Well, if I make beats, aren't we 'producing music'? And does not that qualify me to be considered a 'music producer'?".

In 2016, the clear answer is indeed.

Exactly why is the answer indeed? Because music differs from the others today. The music consuming community loves anything that's good. A lot of great music these days doesn't necessarily must consist of vocals. You can find bits of music on the market that were made up of a laptop and headphones by people that are simply "making beats". It's 2016. Sh!t differs now.

I believe the true argument here is the debate of "What else are you able to do beyond only making a beat?". Can you write lyrics? Could you write singing tunes? Are you able to play any devices? Is it possible to manifest track ideas and give purpose to a song? Have you got the skills to agree to the totality of fabricating a complete song, along with other men and women involved (vocalists, artists, other composers, etc). Are you currently a leader? Have you figured out how-to encourage various other creatives while collaborating?

All of these questions want to do with a very important factor, and one thing only. Producing a song. Taking raw material and making an audible number of noise that provides satisfaction into the person enjoying it, generally enduring a few momemts, with hopes that they'll love it, play it again and again, become encouraged because of it and ideally understand that very moment within their life once they very first heard it.

Which is all this work stuff is really after the day.

Making beats is awesome. Creating songs is awesome. It's all labels that either offend you, or stroke your ego. Having the set of skills to accomplish more or less is entirely your decision. Your procedure for the way you "produce music" is also completely your decision. Which provides a sh!t anyhow.

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