Recording music online

February 22, 2016
Recording of Radio Streaming

Bandhub may be the biggest network of artists in the world.
We make songs together online. We help each other, and hear each other people shows.
You will discover all types of performers in Bandhub.
All abilities, levels and designs are welcome in Bandhub and certainly will find property!

In Bandhub, you can easily join or create "collabs".
Collabs tend to be songs produced collaborativelly on line because of the Bandhub community.
Collabs include different paths (age.g., bass, drums, vocals), each recorded by yet another Bandhub user.
Collab individuals record their particular parts at unique time, and publish all of them toward collab organizer, whom arranges most of the paths collectively.

Bandhub members make use of the Bandhub Recording App to capture their components for collabs.
It really is user friendly, you record your component as you tune in to the collab backing paths.
You should not know any thing about video editing or sound engineering !
Movie is grabbed through computer system's webcam and sound is grabbed through the computer microphone.

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