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April 29, 2017
Music Production Workshop

MPE Banner pictureAs students majoring in songs production and engineering (MP&E) at Berklee, you will learn in regards to the creation and production of tracks of music and how to effectively total recording projects which are typical of the present contemporary expert recording and production environments. Your mastery of the control may be shown through conclusion of recording and manufacturing tasks of expert high quality.

Through classroom increased exposure of imaginative and expert excellence and experience of resident and visiting experts, could:

  • Develop the best and critical aesthetic vision;
  • Learn to define high quality using both musical and technical requirements also to use those requirements your projects and also to the job of others;
  • Work effectively with others inside number of circumstances usually based in the recording and production occupations through involvement as professional and producer on different tasks, and also by communicating efficiently with performers on these tasks; and
  • Gain knowledge of the axioms and imaginative techniques of manufacturing and production techniques.

With this knowledge, you are willing to enter the modern music manufacturing area as an effective expert in a number of roles, and also to adjust quickly and effectively to quick changes in technology and stylistic styles inside control over time.

It must be noted that entry to the music production and engineering major is competitive and it is based on musicianship, previous academic record, and aptitude. Students make an application for acceptance to the major after their first or second semester at Berklee. Programs tend to be accepted online at the beginning of autumn and springtime semesters; please see responses to faq's about signing up to the MP&E major here. Potential pupils showing preference for this significant are sent detailed information by the Office of Admissions.

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