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December 7, 2018
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What is the distinction between on the internet and regional session recording?

With scheduled program recording (also known as "local recording"), the recording file is conserved in your area to your organizer's computer system. The organizer or co-organizer who starts recording a session will have it saved with their regional hard drive as a .G2M file. They will then should make use of the Recording Manager to transform that natural recording file into a viewable format (e.g..MP4), that they may then share right with others or upload toward My Recordings web page inside their web account.

With internet based recording, the recording is instantly kept in the cloud and lots of of the tips are missed! The organizer or co-organizer just who begins tracking a session might find a entry instantly show up on their particular My Recordings page when the session has ended. There's no need to convert the file or by hand upload it – it simply appears! The thing the organizer has to do is click Share to process it for watching (when they decide to share the recording with others).

Note: Online recording cannot be combined with password-protected webinars. In that case, local recording will instantly be properly used.

How do you find my program recordings?

Automagically, regional tracks are kept in C:\Users\\Documents. The original "pre-converted" .G2M data are stored in a subfolder known as "originals" after an effective transformation has done. See Locate tracking Files to learn more.

If you use web recording, then the primary recording regarding the webinar will always be saved to the My Recordings web page of the organizer just who scheduled the program, irrespective of which organizer or co-organizer in fact started/stopped the recording.

Neighborhood tracks are saved only a little differently; your local recording of a webinar may be conserved to the hard disk drive regarding the organizer or co-organizer just who last clicked Start tracking. If different organizers began and ended tracking numerous times, after that multiple partial tracks should be conserved every single particular co-organizer’s computer system.

Like, let’s say that scheduling organizer Sue begins tracking for a little then stops it. Later on through that same webinar, co-organizer Jerry begins recording once more and then the program ends. If so, a single web recording is conserved to Sue’s My Recordings web page. The area recording, however, is split-up into the 2 various portions therefore the first one is saved to Sue’s computer, while the second is saved to Jerry’s computer system.

Source: support.citrixonline.com
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